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Serikbay Bisekeev
Our Mission
It is our company’s mission to create innovative and high-quality educational products in the realm of high-tech, such as robotics and IT. Through this we can develop the next generation of successful, independent and competitive professionals who will contribute to our shared future.
R:ED was established and its offerings developed in order to help children master the skills vital for the future. Our company also sets out to help inculcate in them key values, including concern for the environment, mutual respect and a willingness to help others. Only by being armed with such things will the young be able to make the world a better place.
Accessibility & Openness
It is our goal to create solutions that can be accessed by all and which complement other educational offerings. Our intention is to expand students’ horizons and enhance the effectiveness of their education.
Our products encourage and enable users to become successful and independent members of society, no matter their chosen path. They are designed to benefit all of tomorrow’s students, technical specialists and businessmen – and more!
Benefitting Society
Our solutions are directed at fostering the next generation of those seeking to make the world a better place. Social responsibility is at the core of our values.
R:ED Products
Learn robotics and programming either in a group or individually.
Online and offline courses
Our programmable constructor kits can be delivered worldwide and come with everything you need, including a step-by-step video tutorial.
DIY Constructor Kits
Ready-made solutions for educational institutions. A full description of the educational process is included.
Class Kits
Open a R:ED LAB classroom in your town or city, offering a comprehensive range of products and full workflows.
Training courses in robotics for primary level educators.
Programmes for Educators
Number of trained teachers
Number of fully equipped schools
Number of students
Учебные центры
R:ED Franchise Video
R:ED has all the necessary licences in order to carry out educational activities and training in the field of robotics.
R:ED is developing rapidly not only in Russia, but worldwide. We already cooperate with a range of organisations and are always looking for new opportunities and partnerships.
Our partners